Weight Indicator

Weight Indicator - Model: MA10..I

Key Features:

  • Powerful 32 bits ARM technology CPU which makes it exceptional precise and responsive
  • 24 bit sigma-delta A/D conversion with 8 million counts internal resolution
  • IP65 front panel protection
  • Front panel mounting
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance
  • Watching function making it failsafe and always reliable
  • All output ports optically isolated
  • Smart adjustable analogue output


  • Indicator Power: 90-260V AC, 50 HZ (60HZ) + or – 2%
  • Calibration: By test weigh or by software calibration
  • Display: 6 digits, 7 segments, LED red
  • Serial Interface RS232/RS485: 1200-57600 baud, bus capability up to 31 units
  • Keyboard: 4 membrane switches with beeping feedback
  • Communication mode: Continuous or Requested or Modbus RTU/ASCII


Product Profile:The compact and robust Weight Indicator MA 10 . .I has been designed for high precision industrial weighing applications like Weigh bridges, Filling stations, Bag filling, Tank and Hopper weighing, Crane weighing, Rail Wagon weighing, Check weighing, Precision platform scales, Batch weighing, etc.

Its utmost interference suppression and the robust metal housing with splash roof front panel makes it ideal for use in the harsh environment suitable for panel and field mounting.

MA10/30 & MA10/30DC, flameproof versions along with Zener barriers can be used for the hazardous applications in Zone 1 and 2. Its 4 optional interfaces facilitate the connection to PLC, DCS, Remote display, Host computer, Charging and Discharging devices, etc. Due to its 6-wire technology distance of up to 300 m between MA 10.. and load cells are permitted without any loss of accuracy.

  • 24 bit resolution (4,00,000 internal & 50,000 external counts) and up to 10 Readings/sec
  • Supply Voltage: SMPS 110/230V -15/+10%, AC 50Hz Or 24V (Optional) DC
  • 2 digital control Input
  • Analog Output (Optional): 0/4 - 20mA Or 0/2 - 10VDC
  • Serial interfaces (Optional): RS232, Current Loop and RS485
  • Communication Protocol: MODBUS, STX – ETX
  • 1 Fault and 2 Set point Relay Outputs (Optional)
  • Self-Test and self-diagnostic Error Codes for easy troubleshooting
  • Fully software Calibration and Configuration
  • Dual range Calibration leading to better resolution and accuracy
  • Load cell Excitation: 10V and 20 V (Optional for DC DC flameproof application)
  • External Load cell supply is possible

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