Belt Weigher

Quality assurance demands accurate and reliable process measurements and controls. To help to meet quality needs of your organization and your customers, you need a quality belt weigher. Belt weigher (also called belt scale) is used to totalize the bulk material carried by belt conveyor and to measure bulk material flow rate TPH. The belt weigher can be installed on new or existing belt conveyor.

The system consists of a robust Frame set of weigh Idler, set of Non weighing idlers, a belt speed sensor and an electronic controller. The Frame assembly is suspended on a strong flexure system and transmits the applied material load to a sealed load cell or load cells depending upon the accuracy of measurement desired. Weighing idlers are mounted on weighing frame and leveled in line with Non weighing idlers.

The belt speed is measured with a wheel / encoder which runs on the underside of the return belt. Speed and weight signals are processed by the controller to derive feed rate and total quantity transferred.

  • Pulse output for totalizing the bulk material flow for remote place.
  • The belt weigher also gives few relay contacts such as On/Off, Limit, Overload etc.
  • Set point

The electronic controller is mounted inside the wall mounting panel or in standalone panel as per the case and may be mounted close or away from the conveyor belt as per user’s requirement. The load cells normally used are IP65, and suitable for outdoor use. The load cells are interfaced to Belt weigh controller.

The signal from load cells is processed in electronic controller and converted to kg/m. The speed pulses derived from speed sensor / Encoder are connected to electronic controller which is processed to m/s. From the product of these two measurement quantities total addition of bulk material carried is done and made available to user on display. On display two parameters will be displayed.

The accuracy of the belt scale is dependent largely on:

  • The nature of the material carried.
  • Angle of conveyor belt.
  • Idler leveling and alignments etc.
  • No of load cells used. If single load cell is used then ratio of lever used.

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