Special Weighing


EOT Crane Weighing

We offer Crane Weighing & Protection Systems. Crane weighing and Protection systems are used in EOT cranes. These days all divisions in manufacturing plant are treated as profit centers, hence it becomes necessary to know how much the production of particular division is? EOT crane weighing is done with 2/4 nos. of desired capacity strain gauge type Load cells. The Load cells generate mV output proportional to Weight applied on it. The mV output from load cells is interfaced with microprocessor based weight indicator to process it to display the weight and retransmit it in the form of 4-20mA and RS232 / RS485 for mater PLC/DCS and Large figure display interfacing. It is used in industries like Steel, Ferro Alloys, Foundry, Ports, etc.


  • Strain gauge load cells available in Compression / Double ended shear Beam/S Type
  • MOC of Load cells are Stainless steel & Nickel plated Alloy steel with IP68/IP67 protection having 6 wire technique available in E & C3 accuracy class with OIML approval
  • Weight Indicator with 24 Bit internal resolution
  • Retransmission of weight to master by way of RS232, 4-20mA, RS485 with MODBUS/STX-ETX Protocol through wireless device
  • High intensity Large figure Display of 100/200mm is provided for better visibility

Ladle Car / Scrap Car / Turret Weighing

We supply a wide range of weighing systems which are strain gauge load cell based electronic ladle car, scrap car, turret, tundish weighing system for Steel Melting Shop. Time tested robust design of mechanical structure & electronics can be made parallel with other weighing system. We can provide wired / wireless communication to store data in PC. These cater to the needs of steel industry.


  • Strain gauge load cells of compression / double ended shear beams type
  • Load cells in stainless steel (IP68) are used
  • Load cells available in D1 & C3 class, suitable temperature grade
  • Load cell mounting accessories are available in MS nickel plated with constrainer assemblies, shock observers etc.
  • Weight transmission by wireless method available

Tundish Weighing

Tundish weighing system designed for continuous casting operation of billet or flat plate, controls the level of molten steel; they also monitor the integrity of the molds themselves. The tundish weighing system is used in continuous casting of a billet and transmits weight data from load cells of tundish platform. The transmission can be by 4/20mA /Wireless/RS485/Field bus to master PLC. High temperature load cells (400F) and multiple A-D converter instrumentation based systems provide excellent precision without reducing the sample rate.

This allows greatly increased automation of the billet casting process. With better control over the level in the ladle placed on tundish bath improves the quality of the strand surface, more consistent steel quality, less variation in temperature and improved water cooling economy. Better control over levels also results in better safety for men and machines.Custom designed installations can be provided for specific applications like wireless transmission of weight data, large figure displays, cumulative weight of molten metal, rate of discharge etc.

Bag Filling System

Midas Autosoft provides range of big/jumbo bag filling system is a perfect solution for carrying out all such laborious operations and is appropriate for filling and emptying the jumbo bags. The in-built dust extraction of bag handling system helps ensure a dust-free working atmosphere whereas the careful handling of the bag saves it from any kind of damage and allows it to be reused. The handling of bulk bags is a major problem faced in process plants and godowns.


  • Capacity : 10 Kg to 100 Kg
  • Filling accuracy : +/- 0.5% or better
  • Feeding arrangement: Vibrating feeder, Screw feeder or Rotary valve. Variable speed drive may be required in certain cases
  • Clamping arrangement: Automatic or Manual
  • Bright green fluorescent display of : Present weight set value status/alarms
  • Taring of bag : Automatic
  • Operation Modes : Automatic or Manual Optional
  • 80 column printer for drum/bag wise and shift wise printout : Optional
  • Remote display : Optional
  • Power Supply : 230V AC (+ /- 1 OV), 50 Hz

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