Batching Systems

Glass Batching System

System Description:

Charging of Raw material in to Storage Hoppers: Raw material will be charged into storage hoppers by use of Belt conveyors, Bucket elevators, lifts etc. which are designed for all raw materials for various capacities as per your operational requirements. Storage hoppers will have Level Indications. Level sensors are interlocked to charging and discharging devices through SCADA/Alarm indication to avoid over filling and spillage. This reduce power consumption, accidents etc.

Batching, Mixing and Cullet addition:

Weighing hoppers are provided and installed with loadcells under the storage hoppers to get the proportionate weight of individual raw material to achieve best quality product as per the proportion. Instruments like Screw-feeder, Vibro-feeder are provided for charging of raw material into weighing hoppers.Motors are provided to all storage hoppers for easy flow of raw material during charging into weigh hoppers. Weigh hoppers will have valves or feeder to discharge batched materials on the conveyer & then mixer. Mimic diagram / SCADA for complete Batch house is to know the status of the field Instruments.


We offer Glass Batch House for Tublers (Soda Lime Glass). For manufacturing high quality of Soda Lime Glass raw materials like Sand, Soda Ash, Dolomite, Limestone, and Feldspar are used in appropriate quantity according to the quality required


For manufacturing high quality “Lead Glass / Vial” which is used for decorative purpose, raw materials Quartz, Soda, Limestone, Feldspar, and Calcite are used in appropriate quantity according to the quality requirement.


For manufacturing high quality of "Boro Silicate Glass" raw materials Silica Sand, Borax, Potash Feldspar, Sodium Feldspar are used in appropriate quantity according to the quality required:/p>


We offer batching system for Boro Silicate Glass, Ceramics and Silicates as turnkey project basic along with complete equipment, electrical & instrumentation, control panel, hoppers, mechanical structure, etc.

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