Ferro Alloy Flux Addition

Batching Systems

Ferro Alloy Flux Addition Batching Systems

Batching is process of proportioning of raw materials and using raw materials for manufacturing of products. Sequencing is operating entire plant in set of sequence as asked by the process engineer or expert in manufacturing of the products to produce a single product or multiple products.

The calculation of amount, weighing, and initial blending of raw materials prior to feeding to next operations is known as batching. Batching and sequencing system is used in all manufacturing plants. The Batching plant consists of preprocessing of raw materials with screens. Feeding raw materials to Day Silos by bucket elevators or by pneumatic.

Feeding material to weigh hoppers can be by screw feeders, vibro feeders or by gravity itself. Conveying batched raw materials with belt conveyors and also premixing on it. Next subaction in batching plant can be mixing it for set duration decided.

This all major actions and sub actions are preprogrammed in batch controller or PLC. The batching controller / PLC is brain of the batching plant. It gives command to different devices to synchronize the plant operation. It may have interface to the plant operator. It can be small screen if plant is small or SCADA/DCS system itself if the plant is big. Printer is used for reports and can be hooked to batching controller or PLC.

The weight sensed by load cells converted to digital data here in batch controller or PLC. If operator gives start command after setting batches or by setting amount of production carries out batching and sequencing of plant. At end of each prints reports and also stores.

Batching has always constituted much of the art of the production process. Formulas or recipes are stored in Recipe Table under password protection involving the selection of raw materials that confer the desired working characteristics and responses to next process and that yield the sought-after character and properties.

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