Large Figure Display

Large Figure Display

Product Profile:

The 6- digit numeric large figure display (LFD) is numeric digits, large sized remote message display. It has 6 digits of numeric 7 segment display matrix configured from bright red LED’s. Special LED mounts have been used in each of the segments of these digits so as to increase the contrast of the displayed information against its background, and against the off segments. The brightness of the LED’s is also such that the message displayed will be in legible conditions. With the help of 7 – segment matrix, it can display numeric data as well as alphanumeric information (within the limits of 7 segment formation).

The display supports interface protocols: RS232. The display can operate with a baud rate ranging from 300 baud to 57600 baud rate. Parity bit setting, data length and communication signals are all selectable by means of 2 external parameter setting switches provided on the side panel of the display unit.

The display accepts weight information (or any message matter) having modes 1 or 2. It also interprets and displays the decimal point position and the error message.

  • Display Type: 7 segments 6 digit LED display
  • LED Color: Red (Green- optional)
  • Character Size: 100, 150, 200, 300mm high digits 7 segment + dp
  • Characters Table: ASCII Char. (code 30h to 5fh)(Only numeric + upper case Alpha)

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