Screw Weigh


Screw Weigh Feeder

Screw Weigh Feeders utilize a specially designed screw conveyor as the weighing/conveying means that not only provides total product confinement, but also, eliminates the typical problematic environmental difficulties usually experienced with the common variety of weigh belt type weigh feeders.

The Weigh Screw Feeder is rugged, mechanically simple, has only several moving parts and requires an absolute minimal amount of maintenance. The weigh screw and its housing are constructed of all MS / SS; continuously seal welded and ground smooth. The auger is then polished, plated and polished again to achieve an extremely hard and smooth surface capable of resisting adhesion and wear.

The entire weigh auger assembly is mounted on a scale that senses only the net weight of product being conveyed within the weigh screw. Or sometimes a load cell and pivot arrangement is made. This all depends on accuracy requirement.

Operational Features:
  • Accuracy: Metering accuracy will be + 0.25 to 1 percent or better (error) at two sigma, based on a given number of consecutive one minute weighment.
  • Range: Weigh screw Feeder is capable of an overall feed range of 20:1 from the maximum designed output capacity of the feeder.
  • Output capacity: 0.05 to 50 TPH as per model.
  • Versatility: The appropriate model positive-flow pre-feeder ensures dependable metering of a wide variety of dry solid ingredients. And although the pre-feeder may be able to meter a broad range of products, it should be noted, however, that due to the design parameters of the weigh screw itself, is not suitable for all products.
  • Controls: Weigh screw Feeders utilize multiprocessor controllers specifically programmed by us to provide unparalleled weigh feeder performance. The standard model Weigh Screw Feeder will operate within an ambient temperature range of -10° to 85°C. All motors are totally enclosed. The controller is OPLC and provides capability of controlling sequence and other process if user needs.
  • Volumetric Mode of Operation: Weigh screw Feeders are equipped with a manual mode of operation whereby the unit may be operated strictly as a volumetric feeder, if ever required. The weigh screw, in volumetric operation, is used for conveying purposes only.

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